TP-Link is a global leader in Networking solution and products. TP Link products are fully committed to making connections in the home and business seamless and effecting while partnering with TP-Link products and solutions providers and partner to embrace the process of innovation through technology.

At Shop Compland. We have a variety of Tp-Link products. From TP-Link Range Extenders, TP Link Routers, TP-Link Network Adaptors, TP-Link Networks Switch we have it all at the best prices in Shop Compland in Nairobi Kenya.

About TP-Link

Making Every Connection

For seven over seven years TP-Link has been the world’s number one provider of Wi-Fi and Networking products. Last year,  TP-Link shipped over 80 million Wi-Fi and Networking products around the globe including Nairobi Kenya

Anchored by a research team of nearly 900 engineers and distinguished by our vertically integrated manufacturing, TP-Link designs and build s innovative, top-quality products at affordable prices for every single market and for everyday use

Our mission at Compland has been and will always the to connect everyone, everywhere with the very best TP-Link Networking and Wi-Fi and networking technology.

TP-Link Products

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