Behind ICT gadgets, the tasks and functions we want carried out and executed will not happen unless the specific program that has been coded to understand what needs to be done and goes ahead to network with the hardware component which is either the computer, laptop, printer, router to deliver the results that are desired.
In Kenya, the role of software is being understood deeper to the deep level that a software is an equal partner to the computer, laptop, or the server. We have played a critical role in understanding the fineness of the software and cost implication.
Right from the switching on a computer, typing a document, carrying a data analysis, protecting against virus attack, point-of-sales, saccos management, ERP for complex institutions with multiple departments, accounting packages, database management, the software needs from simple to complex. Additionally from single program in a box for individual, to programs that are provided in bulk keys for multiple connected gadgets, we have a specialized unit headed by a software specialist who is Microsoft certified engineer and cisco certified.
We sell and supply the operating systems in OEMs and bulk licenses, server operating systems among others.